The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor, pay tribute to, and perpetuate the names of those bowlers who have contributed to the growth and welfare of the great sport of bowling through their ability and/or through meritorious service to the Southern LA County USBC Association.


The members of the Southern LA County USBC Board of Directors and any Southern LA County USBC Local Association may submit nominations for Meritorious Service.

Qualification for Meritorious Service shall include:

  1. Participation, past or present in certified bowling league or association.
  2. Outstanding service in the promotion of bowling in this association.
  3. Service to bowlers in the Southern LA County USBC
  4. Minimum often years membership in the Southern LA County association.


One man and one woman shall be eligible for induction into the SLAC USBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance. Bowlers will be selected based on performance in the SLAC USBC Women’s and/or Open Championships. At the completion of the Open and Women’s championship tournaments, Hall of Fame committee will determine eligibility for nomination. Nominees will be scored based on the criteria below and presented to SLAC USBC Board of Directors for approval.

Bowlers inducted into the Hall of Fame will be recognized at the SLACUSBC September meeting and will also be announced at each SLACUSBC tournament he/she participates in.

Qualification for Superior Performance shall include:

  1. Must be at least 35 years of age
  2. Certified member within the SLACUSBC for 10 years
  3. Establish an average over 200 (190 Women) for 5 seasons
  4. Participate in five SLAC USBC Association tournaments
  5. And ONE of the following:
    • 210 (200 women) average for 10 years in SLACUSBC (Min 45 games per season)
    • Have a top 5 finish in SLAC USBC Open or Women’s Championships
    • Professional title with recognized organization (PBA, PWBA, LPBT, WWPB, PCB, etc.)
  1. Number of seasons with a 200 or above average
  2. Number of 800 (700 women) series within SLAC USBC
  3. Number of 800 (700 women) series in other associations
  4. Number of 300 games within SLAC USBC
  5. Number of 300 games in other associations
  6. Number of 11-in-a-row games within SLAC USBC
  7. Numb.er of 11-in-a-row games in other associations
  8. Participation in SLAC USBC association tournaments.
  9. Number of 1st place finishes in SLAC USBC association tournament
  10. Number of top 5 finishes in SLAC USBC association tournament

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