Bowlers qualifying for this event must have placed in the top 2 of his or her age/gender division in the All Events competition of the 2017 SLAC USBC Youth Championships. If any of the qualifying bowlers are unable to attend, the next bowler in line will take his or her spot in the tournament.

During the Phil Shelton Tournament, the tournament field will be separated into 6 divisions based on age/gender:
Boys 10 & Under
Boys 11-15
Boys 16 & Up
Girls 10 & Under
Girls 11-15
Girls 16 & Up
The bowlers with the most pins over average after 3 games of bowling in each of the 6 divisions will win scholarship.

The awards banquet will take place immediately after the Phil Shelton Memorial Scholarship Tournament at Palos Verdes Bowl (tentatively scheduled to start at 11:30 AM). The banquet is free for all attendees. Please join us in celebrating the youth bowlers of the district & enjoy an afternoon of fun with fellow bowlers and friends.

Palos Verdes Bowl
24600 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 326-5120

Sunday April 2, 2017
Entry Fee: $15.00
10:00 AM

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Cameron Lawrence – $75
Kyla Williams – $75
Roger Chavez – $150
Disha McNeese – $150
Justin Gallo – $225
Nicole Camou – $225


Name Gender Age Division Name Gender Age Division
Patrick Avalos Boys 8 C Aislin Lubag Girls 7 C
Jason Colunga Boys 8 C Dior McCoy Girls 4 C
Cameron Lawrence Boys 9 C Kaitlyn Nevarez Girls 7 C
Canyon Morad Boys 9 C Anessa Barrios Girls 9 C
Isaiah Khyltash Boys 10 C Kyla Williams Girls 9 C
Lamar Kilgore Boys 10 C Dakota Reynolds Girls 10 C
Lawrence Buhain Boys 11 B Kamryn Smith Girls 10 C
Ivan Gonzalez Boys 11 B Margie Hittinger Girls 11 B
Byran Whitehead Boys 12 B Alynna Heberly Girls 11 B
Dious L. Clay Boys 12 B Sandra Chacon Girls 12 B
Conner J. Steelmon-Hill Boys 13 B Emily R. Murphy Girls 12 B
Justin Perez Boys 13 B Disha A. McNeese Girls 13 B
Roger M. Chavez Boys 14 B Allysha Howard Girls 13 B
Jared V. Schiada Boys 14 B Megan Ruiz Girls 14 B
Danny Eguilos Boys 15 B Ariel Morales Girls 14 B
David Schneider Boys 15 B Sydney Haynes Girls 15 B
Devonte Jackson Boys 16 A Jenna Barakat Girls 15 B
Justin Gallo Boys 16 A Michaela Buhain Girls 16 A
Nick Caner Boys 17 A Mariah Ramirez Girls 16 A
Christopher J. Brooks Boys 17 A Nicole Camou Girls 17 A
Alex Miller Boys 18 A Crystal White Girls 17 A
Daniel J. Villalobos Boys 18 A Kylie Shishima Girls 18 A
David Yeoman Boys 19 A Darlene Anderson Girls 20 A
Austin M. Sugarman Boys 19 A