Thegable-house chemistry really matched when these two gentlemen teamed up as doubles partners in the Roaring 90’s Summer Scratch League at Gable House Bowl. They took over first place and proved tough to catch. Ron Kelbaugh (on the left) has only been bowling for less than 5 years and his first endeavor to participate in a scratch league was when we joined the Roaring 90’s. He finished the season with a high game of 222; high series of 602 and a 158 average for 99 games.

Alton Arnold III, Ron’s partner (and I’m sure, his mentor) was introduced to bowling in 1977 at age seven. He has mastered the game to such a degree, he has on record numerous high game and high series Honor Scores. From the 96 games bowled in this season, Alton scored a high game of 268; high series of 703; and a 202 average.

Phyl Knoll, Secretary-Treasurer, Roaring 90’s League