Ron Range Mesmerizes Torrance Gable House Bowlers With His Beautiful 11 In-A-Row
by Phyl Knoll

TORRANCE – It was quite a day in the Roaring 90’s Scratch Doubles League on June 29th. After the first couple of frames, executing with his HYROAD ball, everyone knew it was “just going to be Ron’s day …. until the 12th shot and “what a finish!” All of us felt immediate heartache for the “two pin” cost him his third perfect game!! ….. BUT, “HOLD EVERYTHING FOLKS” …… “THAT LOUSY 2- PIN’ JUST AWARDED RON HIS FIRST CAREER 299 GAME! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?”

Ron became interested in bowling at the young age of eight years old. He became obsessed with practicing on his game. While attending college, even though he wasn’t able to participate in league play, he would go to Gable House to better his game.

His dedication brought him to the accomplished bowler he has become today. Ron recorded his career high game, a 300, in 2001 his second in 2004 and managed to maintain the Roaring 90’s League highest average of 206 over 51 games, our last season. WE ALL, CONGRATULATE THIS NICE YOUNG MAN.