Vince Duarte-Castro Shoots Two 800’s in 1 Night

DOWNEY – Vince Duarte Castro has been having an amazing season bowling at Del Rio Lanes in a few different leagues. For most of the summer he was in three leagues, although he’s down to two at the moment and is carrying a composite average close to 230. In addition to those leagues, he is trying to get into more tournaments and elevate his game to another level.

This past Sunday night, he accomplished something most bowlers can only dream of. One 800 series in elusive enough, but two in one night is almost unheard of!

Vince started his night bowling in the Vegas Longshot’s league. He was bowling on lanes 1-2. Vince says he had a lot of room during practice using the Storm Fight, but wasn’t carrying. He made a change during practice to another ball and lost the line, so he went back to the Fight.

The carry didn’t take long to come to him, as he started his set with a 247 game. He then shot a 279 game, leaving only a 10 pin in the 9th frame. The third game started with the spare, but then put ten strikes together for a 289 to finish at 815 for the first set.

Vince then moved to lanes 11-12 for the Major League Basebowl League, where he’s a member of the Kansas City Royals team. Vince said he was definitely more locked in during practice for this set, and it showed right away, as he started with a perfect 300 game. He thinks that was 300 game #13 for his bowling career. The strikes kept coming in game two. After throwing the first four, he finally made a bad shot, leaving a Brooklyn 5 pin. He spared, recovered from a little teasing and started striking again. He finished game two with a 267. Game three was more of the same with a little less carry. He finished the night with 234 game for an 801 series, never having switched from the Storm Fight he was throwing hours earlier. He started the night with two career 800’s and now has four of them. 815 tied his career high.

Vince wants to thank Juan Ellison for the ball that he gave him. He thinks Juan might want it back. He’s appreciative for the support he gets at Del Rio Lanes both as a bowler and as an employee.