Welcome Bowlers!

On this web site you will find information about upcoming meetings, tournaments and special events within the association. We have also have useful links and contact info for our local bowling centers. We are here to serve you, the bowler!


Unofficial Results Now posted!

Team: Gage Bowl
D/S: Keystone Lanes


Team: February 11-12
Gage Bowl
D/S: February 25-26
Keystone Lanes


Team: March 25, April 2 & 8
D/S: March 26, April 1 & 9
Palos Verdes Bowl


October 14-15
Keystone Lanes



September 30
Cal Bowl
Three Divisions: Queens, Sr Queens & Princess
Princess: 199 & Below, Handicapped

President’s Message

To the members of the Southern LA County USBC Association,

Welcome to the 2016-17 season! First and foremost, I would like to thank the bowlers and board of directors for allowing me to continue to serve as the President of the Southern LA County USBC. Your confidence in my abilities and commitment is greatly appreciated and I plan to do all I can to live up to the responsibilities and expectations.

We have made progress in improving our services and we will continue to do so for the upcoming season. The Board of Directors and I will continue to work hard to provide the best product for the bowlers of the Southern LA County USBC, however if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to hear from you.

The association is already working on the entries for the Open, Women’s, Youth, BVL, and Senior tournaments. Participation is up in our annual championship tournaments, and we hope to continue that trend for the upcoming season. We ask that you give renewed support and vigorous participation in all of our local tournaments, as the future of this association rests on the participation of its membership.

Our youth bowlers are the future of the sport, so I would like to ask that ALL bowlers support our youth, and welcome those that have made the transition into adulthood. As a past youth bowler (many… many… many years ago), I can attest to the fact that bowling was a much needed outlet to get through the confusing period of what is known as “the teens”, so please support the youth bowlers, as they are not only the future of our sport, they are also the future of our society. We also welcome increased adult participation and involvement in our youth committee to raise funds to provide additional scholarship opportunities.

Let us all keep these words in mind and move forward as ONE united team to support and enhance the sport we all love!

Thank You,
Andre Eubanks